Seppic launches SAGACIOUS™, a biomimetic and eco-designed active ingredient that restores skin firmness

  • June 20, 2023
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Seppic launches SAGACIOUS™, a biomimetic and eco-designed active ingredient that restores skin firmness

Confirming its expertise in anti-aging active ingredients, Seppic completes its offer for mature skin with a new biomimetic anti-sagging ingredient: SAGACIOUS™.

Seppic creates SAGACIOUS™, an active ingredient inspired by nature that acts on all skin layers. The skin becomes significantly firmer and the signs of facial sagging are less visible.

SAGACIOUS™ is a biomimetic active ingredient, inspired by the behavior of plants in the international space station, which, to maintain their integrity in zero gravity, synthesize specific molecules from the glycolipids family. Seppic has succeeded in extracting this family of molecules from Himanthalia elongata seaweed using an eco-designed and patented process: “Coeur d’algue”.

Himanthalia elongata is a brown seaweed harvested with respect for biodiversity, in France.

SAGACIOUS™ improves skin firmness, 8 times more than the placebo and decreases the visibility of  nasogenian folds (efficacy clinically proven after 28 days).

Its mode of action has been evaluated also in vitro, demonstrating a restoration of mechanical properties of fibroblasts close to the value of a fibroblast 28 years younger, thanks to a stimulation of key molecules at the level of the different layers of the skin: 

  • At  the dermo-epidermal junction for a  better cohesion between epidermis and dermis
  • In the dermis for a better biomechanical and tensile properties of fibroblasts
  • At the dermo-hypodermal junction for a better cohesion between dermis and hypodermis. It’s a new approach proposed by Seppic for a global and effective anti-aging strategy.

Compliant with Chinese regulations, SAGACIOUS™ is also COSMOS and Natrue approved with a 100% naturalness rate according to ISO 16128.

Audrey Bonnard, Active Product Manager at Seppic, said: "SAGACIOUS™ is an innovative active ingredient, thanks to its biomimetic sourcing and its eco-designed process patented by Seppic which allows for the first time to extract glycolipids from Himanthalia elongata seaweed. All this for proven and visible effectiveness from 1 month on the signs of facial sagging.”