Beautiful Temptations
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“BEAUTIFUL TEMPTATIONS”, Seppic new collection of inspirational formulas for in-cosmetics Global 2024


Who has never fallen into a temptation? Envy, gluttony, greed or pride are as many as temptations that surround people in daily life. With the Beautiful Temptation collection, here comes a good reason to get tempted.

Seppic draws inspiration from 7 temptations to turn them into innovative and sensorial skin care, hair care, nutricosmetic and make-up formulations that positively address the current trends shaping the beauty market.

Dive into the world of Seppic’s seven not guilty pleasures. GET TEMPTED by beauty!

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SLOTH x Skinimalism

SLOTH x Skinimalism Lazy daily gel-cream

Be minimalist and save your precious time with this light but nourishing face care that replaces your daily serum, face and eye contour creams, without compromise on efficacy. Get the easy way to efficacy!

LUST x Sensory beauty

LUST x Sensory beauty Velvet caress cream

Let’s enhance the pleasure of skincare with this anti-aging cream that melts on the skin while bringing comfort and revealing a silky touch. Here is the sensoriality you will fall for!


GREED x Waterless beauty Water-wise hair wax

Consume more consciously with this waterless multi-purpose balm that cleans hair and scalp while nourishing them as a conditioner or a mask would have. Clean, care and save both water and budget!

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PRIDE x Y2K beauty Bold jelly highlighter

Assume and adopt an audacious and dramatic Y2K look with this glittery highlighter that brings a holographic effect under the light. Shine bright and embrace your true self!


ENVY x Playful beauty Appealing transformative masks

Be playful and blend yourself your blue protective jelly mask with a pink anhydrous concentrate for a soothing and radiant effect, it will turn into a double protective mask. Your masks are better than theirs!

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WRATH x Neurocosmetics Tension relieving massage balm

Get rid of bad feelings that reflect on your skin with this well-being massage balm that brings you a holistic positive mood. Keep calm and massage your tensions away!

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Yummy Gummies

GLUTTONY x Nutricosmetic Yummy gummies

Be gourmand and take care of your skin with this nutricosmetic gummy supplement that provides youthful skin from within. It is tasty for your skin!