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Epiphytic macroalgae secret cells for the regulation of oily skin exposed to pollution.

CONTACTICEL™ is the solution for anti pollution activity. With an in vivo test performed on urban skin (Shanghai), it support and protect polluted damaged skin from excessive sebum. Real rebalancing active for oily skin, this purifying agent helps also to reduce the sebum degradation.


INCI: Aqua / Water - Butylene Glycol – Hydrolyzed Rhodophyceae Extract

Protection against pollution, CONTACTICEL™ has been shown to limit excessive sebum production for long-term visible benefits, versus placebo, in Shanghai's polluted atmosphere. It also reduces in vivo the ozonolyzed squalene.

For the first time in Asia, an active ingredient has been clinically proven to decrease this cutaneous pollution indicator, and thus protect the skin from pollutants.

True innovative product with the first results in vitro from a sebocyte model exposed to urban dust, CONTACTICEL™ has proven his efficacy on the regulation of lipids especially on polluted cells.

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Solubility: hydrosoluble
Form: liquid
Use level: 1%
Preservative free
China compliant