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BiotechMarine, a subsidiary of Seppic, part of wesource™, is specialized in active ingredients extracted from seaweeds or maritime plants, maritime plant cells and macroalgae cells.

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The company has been operating since 1988 near the Bréhat Archipelago on the Northern coast of Brittany (France). Its expertise is recognized globally.

BiotechMarine offers a range of 60 active ingredients, used in cosmetics and haircare products, marketed by Seppic's sales network.
BiotechMarine focuses its efforts on innovation, safety, effectiveness, sustainable development and the preservation of biodiversity.

BiotechMarine combines the reactivity and vitality of a medium-size company with the reliability that Seppic, an international group, offers.


Devoted to protecting biodiversity, BiotechMarine selects specific maritime plants and algae from unusual sites.

The Bréhat Archipelago (in Northern Brittany, France) is home to an exceptional marine flora — over 800 species of algae and hundreds of species of marine plants.

It is one of the world's most remarkable sites in terms of algal diversity, favored by:

  • High water purity and quality.
  • The combination of a warm and nutritious current, the Gulf Stream from the Mexico Gulf, and a cold and pure current, the North Stream from the Northern Sea.
  • An "underwater Amazonia."
  • An ecosystem favorable to the algae & marine plants developing unique secondary metabolites due to an environmental stress.

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