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Texturizing agent suitable for all types of formulations, ensures a soft skin feel and matte finish.

SEPIMAT™ CP 5 is a suitable versatile texturizing agent for all types of formulations. Made up of solid spheres with smooth surface, it gives to the skin a soft and powdery feel with matte finish.



  • Mattifying effect due to lipid absorption and suppression of specular reflexion,
  • Provide a soft and powdery skin feel,
  • Invisible on the skin surface.


  • All types of formulation: W/O, O/W and W/Silicone emulsion, aqueous gel, cream gel (give preference to SEPIMAT™ H 10 for anhydrous formulations).
  • All types of applications: skin care, sun care, make up, hair care and toiletries.


  • Preservative free,
  • Particle size: 5 to 15 µm,
  • Particle equally dispersible in aqueous and water media,
  • Chemical and physical inertia toward solvents, high temperature and grinding.

Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer