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Glass frosting decoration

Glass satin, etching or frosting is a widely used decoration technique for liquor bottles, cosmetic bottles, tableware, lampshades and decorative objects to change their appearance and feel from clear and brilliant to an opaque or velvety frost.

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LERITETM grades are white free flowing dry powders which, when mixed with an acid solution, produce a bath suitable for frosting glass. Glass items are immersed in the etching solution and then rinsed thoroughly with water.
The satin effect is achieved as the silica in the glass reacts chemically with the etching solution, microscopically altering the glass surface. The frosted appearance is the result of the different ways that the light reflects off from the pyramids formed by the chemical attack.

Benefits of LERITETM

Benefits of LERITETM are:

  • Easy to use and to handle
  • Reduced frosting time
  • Uniform and quick frosting for consistent productivity and quality
  • Use of hydrochloric acid, less dangerous than hydrofluoric acid
  • Reduced fluoride level in the frosting bath (around 50% less compared to a mixture 50/50 ammonium bifluoride and HF 55%)
  • The LERITETM bath should be regularly refilled so the satin-etching efficiency of the bath is maintained and the waste is reduced. This bath has an almost unlimited lifetime
  • The finished glass is 100% pure glass, there is no additional color or ink added, therefore the satin decoration is not altered through time and there are no potential problems for recycling; glass treated with LERITETM is fully recyclable and does not contain leachable coatings
  • Convenient packaging: plastic bags inside boxes of 25 Kg


Different grades of LERITETM are available, each giving a different final aspect.

LERITE range