Body is the new face

  • January 1, 2019
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Body is the new face

Body care

Body Care offer has for a long time seemed quite limited, summing up to body lotion for all skin types and not always very pleasant to apply. Since a few years, it has greatly improved in many aspects pushed by consumers more and more demanding in terms of product sensoriality and functionality. They are looking for solutions adapted to their specific skin type and disorders, their desires and their lifestyle. This trend leads to an increased segmentation of the body care market and pushes cosmetic companies to create new products combining sensoriality and efficiency: Body is becoming the new Face!

Fresh and quickly dried textures ideal for daily skin hydration

Hydration is the first claim in body care: 63% of body care products launched worldwide in 2018 claimed hydrating properties. On the texture side, sensoriality and practicality are invited to facilitate morning routines: 35% of Brazilians like using cosmetics that give them the feeling of freshness* while 27% of body care products launched worldwide in 2018 claimed they were adapted for time saving.

Seppic has developed its Fresh Body Yogurt: a food-inspired biodegradable (98%) emulsion with high natural origin content (98%). Quickly dried (within 15 secondes, in vivo tested), its texture provides freshness during application (validation by consumer study - 60 volunteers), it fits easily into the morning routine. It contains EMOGREEN™ L15, a plant-based, readily biodegradable alternative to silicone oils, which brings excellent glide during application and a powdery-soft finish. The pleasant yogurt jelly texture is obtained with a combination of agar agar and SEPIMAX ZEN™AQUAXYL™ and EQUIBIOME™ make the Fresh Body Yogurt round up all yogurt benefits for skin well-being, providing hydration and skin microbiota balance!

Fresh body yogurt EU07539

High performance active ingredients to sooth and pamper sensitive skin

Skin comfort is becoming a major market demand as an increasing number of consumers declare having sensitive skin: currently 48% of Italian and 43% of French women** say so. It is a worldwide concern: in South Korea 23% of skin care products launched between January and October 2017 were made for “sensitive skins”, it was the case for only 11% of launches in 2014.

Centella asiatica is a traditional plant, also known as tiger grass, that has been used for ages in traditional medicines for its powerful properties of soothing, moisturization, skin remodeling and redensifying. In the last 12 months, 10% of body, hand and foot care launches in South Korea featured Centella asiatica extract in the ingredients list.

Cica creams

Seppic, with its brand wesource™, has extracted the essentials of Centella asiatica to answer each sensitive skin specific needs. One active of the range, TECA™, is introduced throw a nomadic body formula, the Cica stick. It is used to restore the skin’s integrity and to soothe it. It is associated in this formula with CERAMOSIDES™ HP, active ingredient containing phytoceramides similar to those of the skin which ensures an immediate and sustained skin hydration. This stick leaves a soft and powdery finish on the skin thanks to EMOGREEN™ L19. Formulated without perfume, mineral oils or animal derivatives, Cica Stick is the solution for the sensitive skin of mindful consumers.

Cica stick US20105

New hybrid textures to redynamize perfume market

Perfume sales in mature markets are dramatically decreasing since a few years: in Western Europe, perfume consumption went down from 0.9 to 0.8 unit per capita between 2007 and 2017. This evolution is even more noticeable in US where perfume consumption dropped from 0.7 to 0.5 unit per capita within 10 years. This trend can be explained by the high price of perfumes but also by the growing concerns around ethanolic product. In addition, perfumers are facing a strong competition: 265 fragrances were launched in France between August 2016 and July 2017, which makes it difficult to gain market share.

Thus, perfumers need to revitalize their sales and to distinguish from competitors with new sensorial textures and more affordable formats. Ongoing market (r)evolution involves the creation of new hybrid products such as perfuming cushions, gels or sprays.

Seppic addresses this evolution with its Innovative Caring Perfume: an Intensively Fragranced GELTRAP™. This fresh and comfortable gel-in-oil texture is obtained through the Seppic patented combination of EASYNOV™ and SEPIPLUS™ 400. Thanks to its cold process, GELTRAP™ technology introduces a high content of perfume in a creamy texture without any risk of fragrance denaturation. Studies have shown that the fragrance lasts longer compared to ethanolic eau de toilette (in vivo test - 27 expert panelists). Co-developed and evaluated in partnership with Expressions Parfumées, this sensorial perfuming cream reinvents beauty routine for a new consumer experience.

Innovative caring perfume EU07536

The body care offer is diversifying to meet the new consumer aspirations. Seppic is innovating and invites to (re)discover its ingredients via its BODY’licious collection: inspiring formulas for every Body’s skin!

*Base: 1,500 internet users aged 16+ (January 2017),1,429 adults aged 16+ who use fragrances (May 2017)

** Base: France: 1,034 female internet users aged 18+ , Italy: 1,017 female internet users aged 18+,UK: 992 male internet users aged 16+- Source: Lightspeed/Mintel


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