Beauty of forest bathing naturality, sustainability and wellness

  • September 23, 2020
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Beauty of forest bathing naturality, sustainability and wellness

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Facing our stressful urban world and following the COVID-19 crisis, the call for more natural and sustainable lifestyles soars and wellness practices are booming. One of these practices comes from Japan and is the forest bathing i.e. the practice of spending time in a forest to reap health and well-being benefits.

Recreate an in-home forest bathing with our natural, responsibly-sourced and proven-efficacy active ingredients from Malagasy to Nordic forests to reconnect with nature and reach wellness.  

  • The Malagasy primary forest hosts a well-kept secret… the Harungana madagascariensis tree, known as «The Protector of the Forest». SUBLIGANA™ is an inspiring extract from ethically-sourced Harungana leaves and offers protective properties for skin.
  • Another exceptional tree grows in the Malagasy primary forest: the Tambourissa trichophylla tree, or the Ambora. It is well-known for its traditional use and also has a great significance for Malgasy tribes: they consider it as a lucky-charm to protect from misfortune. ROSABORA™ is a polyphenol-titrated extract from Ambora leaves.
  • On the highlands of Madagascar, an evergreen climbing shrub grows widely: the Embelia concinna Baker, also known as “Tanterakala”, meaning the “hug of the forest”. EMBELIA EXTRACT is a flavonoid-rich active ingredient from Embelia leaves and offers a sensation of comfort to skin.
  • The cinnamon tree is one of the oldest spices in the world: from its dried bark, we obtain the cinnamon, known to be used in food, incense or medicine. SEPICONTROL™ A5 is a cinnamon extract combined with lipoaminoacids, to balance acne-prone, oily skin.
  • XYLISHINE™ is a bio-inspired association of natural sugars mainly from Birch. These sugars are by-products of Nordic paper industry. 

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