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Watch our ingredients at work!

Here are a few examples of how our ingredients can be used.
Watch our ingredients at work

At Seppic, it is the creativity of our teams around the world that inspires formulators. In order to meet their needs, in terms of technical performance, sensoriality and sustainability, Seppic constantly reinvents formulation and opens up a world of creativity to formulation designers.

Here are a few examples of how our ingredients can be used.


Formulating with Sepinov™ EMT 10

Sepinov™ EMT 10 is a thickening and stabilizing powder polymer. It is ready to use and can be utilized at a wide range of pH, to create fresh and gliding textures with a satin sensation.

Formulating with Sepimax Zen™

Sepimax Zen™ is a thickening and stabilizing powder polymer derived from precipitation polymerization. It has maximum resistance to electrolytes and makes aqueous gels that are totally transparent with a rich and velvety feel.

Formulating with Sepilife™ Nude, an eco-designed stabilizing and thickening polymer?

Sepilife™ Nude is a patented stabilizing and thickening polymer. It combines sustainability, high performance, and sensory properties, to formulate finished products with a high level of naturality and good biodegradability. It is multifunctional and cold-usable to formulate more sustainably.


Formulating with Simulgel™ I-NS 100

Simulgel™ is a thickening and stabilizing polymer produced through inverse-emulsion polymerization. A wide variety of textures can be achieved, melting on application and fresh to the touch. 

Emulsifiers and emulsions

Formulating with Montanov™ L

Montanov™ L is a glycolipidic O/W emulsifier of natural origin. It is perfectly adapted to the manufacturing of a wide variety of textures, from the most fluid and sprayable to the thickest.

Formulating a Geltrap™ emulsion with Sepinov™ EMT 10  and Sepiplus™ 400 

Geltrap™ is a gel-in-oil emulsion with very high water content, offering a unique touch. Its internal phase is composed of water gelled by a Seppic polymer, while its oily external phase is stabilized by Easynov™, a liquid xylolipid emulsifier. Implemented while cold, the Geltrap™ technology reduces energy consumption.

Use with the polymer Sepinov™ EMT 10:


Use with the polymer Sepiplus™ 400:

Seppic active ingredients

Using FluidiPure 8G™ for cold formulations

FluidiPure 8G™ works to respect the skin's acid barrier by accelerating the acidification process. Its control of microorganisms reduces the percentage of classic preservatives, reinforcing compatibility with sensitive skin. Liquid in form, it is used to create transparent, effective, and simple formulas while also saving energy due to its cold process approach.

Formulating with Voluform™

The Voluform™ technology fills and shapes thinned and slackened skin areas, through targeted action on the cells responsible for volume and firming activity. It is Ecocert certified.

Formulating with Lipacide™ C8G

Glycine bio-vector Lipacide™ C8G protects and restores the skin's acid barrier. It acts against the proliferation of targeted germs and can be used to formulate at lower preservative doses.