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Vaccine adjuvants for human health

For safe and effective vaccines
Vaccine adjuvants for human health

An immunological adjuvant is used in the composition of a vaccine to increase, prolong, and modulate an immune response against the associated antigen.

For more than 25 years, Seppic has offered adjuvant solutions in human health for safe and effective therapeutic vaccines used in particular in oncology. Now, Seppic also focuses on the prevention of infectious diseases.

Our adjuvants for therapeutic vaccines

Therapeutic vaccines, or active immunotherapies (acting on the immune system), are administered to patients to assist the body in defending against an existing disease by activating and modulating the body's own immune response. They are particularly used in the treatment of cancers, autoimmune diseases, and certain chronic infectious diseases.

Seppic offers injectable adjuvants for formulating more effective therapeutic vaccines. These ready-to-use oil adjuvants are used in the manufacturing of stable emulsions by mixing with the aqueous phase containing the antigens.

These adjuvants are used in numerous studies around the globe. Montanide™ ISA 51 is part of the first therapeutic lung cancer vaccine approved by the health authorities of seven countries. Our therapeutic vaccine adjuvants follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Sterile grades are manufactured under aseptic conditions in a pharmaceutical facility.

Our adjuvants for prophylactic vaccines

Prophylactic vaccines are administered to healthy populations as part of infectious disease prevention. In some cases, these vaccines require the use of adjuvants to enhance the immune response and obtain appropriate protection.

While adjuvants are key components of a more effective prophylactic vaccine, several adjuvant technologies, which have proven to be safe and effective, are not commercially available. Ensuring access to these critical technologies is an imperative for the global health of populations.

With its extensive expertise, Seppic is addressing this issue by developing adjuvant technologies for the entire scientific community and vaccine developers. These adjuvants, which will be produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), can help accelerate the development of new prophylactic vaccines worldwide.

Making our adjuvant technologies available to and for all reflects our commitment to ensuring that each and every person enjoys a healthy life.

“Adjuvants are essential components of modern vaccines. However, getting access to GMP grade adjuvants has been an ongoing challenge for the vaccine community. We are excited that this co-development will enable for the first time the vaccine community to openly access an oil-in-water adjuvant suitable for use with human prophylactic vaccines”

Nicolas Collin and Patrice Dubois
Directors of the Vaccine Formulation Institute (VFI)
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