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Montanide™ range for veterinary vaccines

What is a vaccine adjuvant?

antigen adjuvant


What are the potential roles of an adjuvant?

Reinforce the immune system:

  • Fasten the onset of immunity
  • Enhance the level of the short term response
  • Increase the duration of the vaccinal protection
  • Reduce the antigenic load in the vaccine
  • Reduce the vaccin dose
  • Orient the immune response (humoral/cellular)
  • Enhance the stability of the vaccine

MONTANIDE™ veterinary adjuvants.

Seppic is ready to improve your vaccines with a large range of adjuvants responding to your needs (pathogens, species, immunity,  vaccine formulation ...)

Montanide range



Emulsions usually consist in 3 components: water, surfactant and oil.

MONTANIDE™ ISA is a ready-to-use adjuvant consisting in an oil and a mannitol oleic acid surfactant.

MONTANIDE™ ISA adjuvant forms an emulsion when mixed with an aqueous solution.

Montanide ISA picture

Depending on the surfactant in MONTANIDE™ ISA adjuvant, different emulsion types can be formed:

Montanide ISA emulsion types


Advantages and cautions depending on species:

Montanide ISA emulsion advantages cautions species


MONTANIDE™ ISA adjuvants, selection based on different types of oils:

Montanide ISA type of oils



Specific range of adjuvants designed to enhance safety and develop a fast onset of immunity.

Montanide IMS range

MONTANIDE™ IMS  characterisitics:

  • Induce strong immune response
  • No toxicity and favorable tolerance
  • Simple dilution of the adjuvant with the antigenic phase
  • Stable and homogeneous
  • Fluid vaccine (viscosity below 5 mPa.s
  • Compatible with live vaccines (adjuvant continuous phase is aqueous)
  • Available in sterile and /or preserved grades
Montanide IMS Manufacturing process


MONTANIDE™ IMS adjuvant ranges:


Montanide IMS range details



Innovative adjuvant based on  a dispersion of a high molecular weight polyacrylic polymer in water.

MONTANIDE™ GEL characteristics:

  • Translucent, or white/ opaque, flowable gel
  • Low viscosity for an easy handling
  • Pharmaceutical excipient

Formulation with MONTANIDE™ GEL

  • Ready to dilute
  • Easy to disperse
  • Low amount of use (2.5-20%)
  • Fluid and stable vaccines
  • Compatible with inactivated and live antigens
  • Simple mixing of the adjuvant with the antigenic phase
  • Available in preserved grades
Montanide gel aspect


MONTANIDE™ GEL adjuvant range:

Montanide gel range