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Assistance services

Helping our customers with their cosmetic projects
Expert assistance services

With its Customer Technical Service Centers in France, the United States, Brazil, China and India, as well as its teams in the field around the world, Seppic puts its passion and expertise in cosmetics to work for its customers by offering them support tailored to their local needs: personalized training, formulation advice, and technical support. Discover Seppic's assistance services.

Training in technical centers and at our customers' sites

We offer technical training to our customers and distributors for our technologies and ingredients. They are either organized in our Customer Technical Service Centers (CTSCs) or customized and given at our customers' premises, to guarantee the confidentiality of their processes and/or research leads.

In 2020, the CTSC in Asia provided 34 technical training sessions on line and on site.

Formulation assistance

With a perfect mastery of the behavior of our ingredients in formulations, we carry out characterization studies of our galenics, particularly in rheology and texturometry. We help our customers to formulate their products according to their needs and marketing briefs. Every year, our experts develop illustrative formulas to inspire the implementation of our ingredients. They also advise each of our customers on the use of our ingredients for optimal results. On request, we create exclusive prototype formulas adapted for a specific use. 

For example, in 2020 CTSC Asia  created 31 new illustration formulas around different themes to match Asian customers trends.

Transposition assistance

We have the necessary tools to transpose galenics developed on a laboratory scale (300 grams) to a pilot scale of two to seven kilos. This transposition allows us to verify the change of scale on the manufacturing of the formula, as well as the operating procedures that we recommend. In the event of challenges during development, we advise and assist our customers. At our CTSC Asia, we have a dedicated space for the manufacturing and scaling up of these formulas.

Tailor-made guidance for wesource™ active ingredients

At the request of our customers, we can conduct customized in vitro tests to study biological efficacy or in vivo studies to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of our wesourceTM active ingredients and combinations in our R&D facilities in Castres (France).

Furthermore, at the heart of our assistance approach, we work with our partner-customers to develop exclusive active ingredients that meet their specifications from start to finish.

Regulatory support

Through our regulatory expertise, we provide our customers, upon request, with complete regulatory files necessary for the development and marketing of their cosmetics products in various countries. Our regulatory support takes into account sector and regional specificities.