Pro-age: when ageing becomes trendy

  • December 21, 2021
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Pro-age: when ageing becomes trendy

Maud Merlini
Maud Merlini

“Age-defy”, “slow-age”, “well-aging” are increasingly replacing the term “anti-age” on packaging and in advertising campaigns for cosmetic products. In the press, young women are also making a little more room for their elders (fifty and above). This is the pro-age trend, which consists of moving away from the beauty ideal defined by eternal youth.

In 2007, a cosmetics brand conducted a study on 1,450 women aged 50 to 64 years old in 9 countries across the world and concluded that "Beauty has no age"(1). Ten years later, according to women, perception of beauty is following a firmer direction as among more than 10,000 women questioned, 70% think that beauty is something that you define yourself(2).

Facing these more liberated and more confident women, several cosmetics brands are now adopting pro-age strategies. They are valuing women over 50 years old, formerly side-lined in the cosmetics sector, and are dedicating specific products to them. Some brands are working on a less negative approach towards ageing and promoting less corrective benefits, such as improving complexion glow. Still others, considering ageing as inevitable, are building a promotion about “ageing well”.

Seppic is taking part in this beauty of age by offering ingredients and by imagining formulations that meet consumers' new expectations, whatever their age.

Responding specifically to the needs of mature skins

Women aged 55 and over form a significant and increasing demographic group for the beauty market, with a real purchasing power. They are waiting for a specific response to their skin changes (in US, it is thought that 64% of women aged over 55 and using beauty products are seeking products specifically designed for their age(3)). In particular, hydration is one of the foremost expectations at this time in their life.

HETEROSIDES is the ideal 'cica' ingredient for caring gently for the beauty of mature skin: it boosts all the natural mechanisms restoring the skin barrier. Hydration is improved, the skin is visibly smoother (in vivo smoothing effect, panel aged in average 59yo: –36% vs placebo in 28 days, at 0.2%).


Enhancing the experience

Today, fighting wrinkles and sagging at any cost and the youth grail are gone for these women. For example, in France, 80% of women aged over 55 think that feeling comfortable/good is more important than appearing perfect(3). They are more likely to follow solutions that both correct and enhance their experience and their skin.

TIMECODE™, a glycine biovector lipoamino acid and biomimetic of PalGly molecule, also known as the bliss molecule, is the solution for harmonious longevity of the skin. It neutralises inflamm'aging, reinforces the skin's architecture and improves the micro-vascular system.

Seppic includes this active in its "Fresh Complexion Youth Cream" (EU07143). Formulated at 1%, it visually reduces wrinkles in a month and a half (in vivo) and brightens the complexion in only 14 days (ex vivo). The mixed an enriched texture – without any fatty effect – of this formula is obtained thanks to the tremendous combination of MONTANOV™ 202 + MONTANOV™ 82 and brings comfort to the skin. The presence of SEPIPLUS™ 400 boosts the "silicone-like" effect of the cream. The skin is radiant, comfortable, soft with a matte finish.

Fresh complexion youth cream

Healthy aging

With ageing of the population, healthy living habits are becoming increasingly common, for present and future quality of life. The skin is no exception. According to a study conducted in the UK among 5,000 women, 62.4% think now that "anti-age" consists of "preventing" the effects of skin ageing(4), rather than trying to correct them.

ASPAR’AGE™, the new wesource™ active, is an extract from the red seaweed Asparagopsis armata and protects the skin from endogenous stress using a unique approach: it controls contagious ageing (in vitro). In fact, ageing leads to an excess of senescent cells characterised by functional and morphological modifications. These cells also produce a "Senescence Messaging Secretome", affecting neighbouring young cells and accelerating the signs of ageing.

Tested in vivo at 2% in the "Younger Look" Gel Cream formulation (EU07510), the active improves the perception of age in 28 days. Skin is perceived younger by people, which is also confirmed by instruments measurements (-13% of wrinkle volume). This formula preserves the youth of the skin while bringing freshness, lightness and softnessSEPIMAX ZEN™ reinforces the stability of this gel cream. SEPINOV EMT 10™ stabilises the formula and promotes spreading. LANOL 2681 also contributes to the fresh effect of the formula and to a soft, light feel.

To go further on the "healthy ageing" trend, age should also be tackled in a much more holistic way as many factors related to our lifestyles influence the appearance of our skin: exposure to sunlight or the screens of connected objects, pollution, sleep, stress, etc.

Link beauty to these factors, rather than to an age group, appears as a good opportunity!

Check out this other age-independent and pro-age approach offered by Seppic in our new booklet!

"Younger look" cream gel

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