The age of fluidity

  • December 20, 2022
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The age of fluidity

Between 2019 and 2021, in Europe,  North America and APAC, we've seen in skincare a big rise of fluid formats (serum,  drop,  essence, oil, ampoule): +32.7% of products have been launched in this texture type*. Splash effect lotion, make-up remover fluid,  glow drops, skin ampoule... The new skincare launches with fluid galenics and more than expressive names are numerous. Even the make-up is involved with the tint waters, the foundation serums, the liquid concealers... 2022 being the year of liquid liptsicks (ink, oil,...).

Where does this trend come from?

For the past  few years, cosmetics have been drawing their inspirations from Asia, and particularly from South Korea. There, consumers are adept

at layering, which consists of  superimposing up to seven or eight products on the skin. Hence the need  to apply very light textures compatible with each other.  This is how we saw all sorts of  fluid  formulas arriving on our shelves: "cushion" foundation, cloth-impregnated masks, essences, make-up removal oils...

The improvement of packaging dedicated to fluid formulas helps the development of several formats with liquid textures on the market. Dropper, tottle, pen or tube cannula, the systems are becoming more and more precise for ease of use and clean and controlled distribution.

What are the benefits?

Commonly proposed for combination skin, fluid textures provide hydration in a texture that is not too rich, thus adapting to skin that shines or seems oily. But beyond a skin type, this type of  texture is very much in demand for its lightness when temperatures get hotter or climates more humid.

The advantages of fluid textures are therefore to provide hydration but without heaviness or shine on the skin.  Supple and  malleable, this type of texture melts well into the skin and also allows for care or makeup on specific areas such as eye contour, the face contour or the lips.

Choosing a light and fluid texture does not mean that  it is light in effectiveness. In the  case of serums, it is even the opposite with  these small concentrates of active ingredients.  Thanks to their very fine and liquid textures, these products penetrate more deeply into the epidermis than classic creams and will therefore act in a more targeted way. For example, 32% of facial masks users in China say they prefer using ampoules with  immediate activity of facial serum to quickly improve the skin.

How can Seppic help?

To create visually appealing  transparent formulation, SEPIMAX ZEN™  is the perfect ally. Addition of SEPINOV™ EMT 10  into a SEPIMAX ZEN™  gel allows to obtain a more supple gel while increasing the hold on the skin with  a lighter texture,  fresher & more aqueous and without impact on the transparency.

SEPIMAX ZEN™  is able to  suspend particles (oil droplets, glitters, petals, beads,...) even at low viscosity, to create unique visuals.



If  you want to focus on high naturality content in fluid formulas, Seppic proposes SOLAGUM™ AX  for fluid and fresh formulas. This natural polymer allows to obtain less stringy and soaping effect compared to  traditional xanthan gum and improved aqueous sensation for moisturizing effect for a softer and more supple skin.



To obtain good performance and stabilty in emulsion fluid formulas, Seppic advises FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY . This is 100% natural origin & sustainable O/W emulsifier is dedicated to sprayable, fluid to very fluid formulas.  It can be used for different markets such as skincare, haircare, hygiene and make-up. It will bring a light touch to the emulsion and a  nude skin effect after application. Cold processable, it will help formulators saving time and energy.



To create oily fluid end products, delivering pleasant spreadability and good emolliency during  application with a nice sensory after application (non greasy), Seppic  proposes EMOGREEN™ range: alternatives sustainable emollients with same benefits as silicones oils to replace them in fluid  formulas. EMOGREEN™L15  brings powdery and matte finish. EMOGREEN™L19 adds emollience and comfort to your formulas and EMOGREEN™HP 40  gives a glossy and protective film.



This craze for fluid textures will continue with the new Korean trend of liquid care (or cosmetic waters): care products that can take the form of mists, gels or creams, with  melting, light, very sensory textures, with a watery feel and moisturizing benefits.

*Mintel data