Clean Beauty
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Clean Beauty

2 things have impacted the change towards "Clean Beauty": an obsession with wellness and the rise of sensitized skins.

Clean beauty movement is mainstream in the USA, where it's born and is having a major momentum in Europe.  In Asia, there is still a big gap for homegrown Asian brands that trully personify the idea of "clean" beauty.

Discover how to formulate "clean" formulations with an Asian twist!


AS40139A - Clean Moisture Cream

This emulsion  highlights the use of SEPIPLUS™ K to be in line with the wish of the final consumer. The combination of MONTANOV™68 MB and MONTANOV™ 202 provides a strong chassis thanks to liquid crystals and also a creamy, comfortable non greasy aspect and skin feel. 

AS40140A - Clean Moisture Lotion

A reinforced moisturizing efficacy thanks to the intelligent association between MONTANOV™ L and AQUAXYL™ that provide 48 hours moisture after one single application.

Light and pleasant skin feel with the addition of SEPIPLUS™ K.

AS40166 - Clean Eco Shampoo

Clean is also possible for foaming formulations, with improved rinsability, high biodegradability.

This is possible thanks to the use of ingredients from ORAMIX range, PROTEOL™ OAT PF and for hair deep moisture and anti-frizz XYLISHINE™.