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Beauty care

Efficient and pleasurable ingredients for the beauty of everyone
Seppic Beauty Care

Safe and beneficial, respectful of the planet and generous towards mankind, Beauty contributes to the well-being of everyone. Beauty is forward-looking because it integrates the values of sustainability, it is based on science, and it capitalizes on the digital evolution of our societies. At Seppic, a passionate beauty and skincare expert, we offer unique ingredients, derived from the very best of our technology, and combine them with inspiring concepts in order to give our customers a leg up.

Care expertise

At Seppic, our care expertise is based on a wide range of scientific expertise and technology, at the crossroads of biology, chemistry and physics.

We work first on skin in all its diversity, taking the microbiota into account as an intrinsic element, as well as the scalp and hair.

We consider the sensory experience to be essential for the consumer. This is why we have developed techniques for measuring and valuing sensory benefits through conventional sensory mapping, the study of preferences and the measurement of emotions by the physical parameters of the voice or gestures.

We recommend conscious formulation, using only the ingredients that are essential to each product. Thus, we value ingredient synergies and multifunctional ingredients that favor minimalist compositions in our formulations.

Finally, the safety of ingredients and formulas is always a priority. Our toxicology team uses a wide range of methods to assess safety in a context of diverse uses such as immature skin, injured skin, and mucous membranes.


Ingredients for active, sensory and lasting beauty

Derived from our extensive portfolio of technologies, our ingredients range from the active beauty of our wesource™ platform to sensory beauty.

Unlocking the doors of the imagination, our wesource™ active ingredients, inspired by the raw materials that make up life, bring proven biological and clinical efficacy.

For sensory beauty, we design ingredients that are robust and multi-functional, safe and responsible, for limitless creativity. Our polymeric rheology modifiers, our biodegradable, bio-sourced, and zero waste emulsifiers, and all of our sensory ingredients, are designed to create an infinite palette of textures, with naturality and without compromising on sensory and formulation benefits.

We design our future ingredients to meet the expectations of tomorrow's beauty through conscious innovation and using renewable raw materials.


Our vision of tomorrow's Beauty

We study the major trends that are shaping the Beauty of tomorrow. They are presented in our trilogy "Addressing #BeautyTomorrow":

  • #healthyliving, the reconnection with oneself, which combines self-realization and well being, for a wellness beauty.
  • #betterliving, the reconnection to others and to the planet, which reinvents the paths of innovation and creates meaning, for a conscious beauty.
  • #superliving, the connection to science and digital technology that pushes the boundaries of possibility for an augmented beauty.

Within each of these trends, we also detect the latest microtrends on each continent. Find limitless inspiration from our illustration formulas and our Beauty Care Mag.

The Beauty of the future is holistic and inclusive. It aims to be a source of comfort for all skin types. It is built from ingredients that provide beauty benefits both topically in cosmetics and orally in nutricosmetics.