Natural nutraceutical excipients from cellulose

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Shin-Etsu produces plant-derived cellulose-based ingredients and offers products for nutraceutical applications.
TYLOPUR® Nutra products address consumers’ needs looking for safe, efficient and modern supplements. These natural, yet advanced excipients enhance active ingredients and facilitate formulations, offering beneficial solutions for people’s health.

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TYLOPUR XTEND NUTRA® is a plant derived cellulose-based ingredient, specifically developed for nutraceutical applications. It enables extended release of active ingredients and it is suitable for use in tablet formulations via direct compression. 

In formulations, it ensures the optimum dosage and best possible tablet size. Two high viscosity types in 4000 and 15000 mPas are available.

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TYLOPUR CLEARCOAT NUTRA® is a plant-derived cellulose-based ingredient. It provides a natural easy to use tablet coating process. It is also suitable for use in tablet formulations via granulation.

It provides tablets with a transparent and shiny finish. Moreover, tablets result in less friable and easier to swallow

Adding TYLOPUR CLEARCOAT NUTRA® to granulation processes improves particle size, flow and compactibility of your active ingredient for tablet compression.