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Our oral ingredients


Oral administration, such as with tablets or capsules, is the most common route. It is easy for patients to use, generally cost-effective, and it allows the formulation of systems for the modified release of active ingredients.

Seppic offers a wide range of excipients suitable for the oral route. Whether dry (tablets, capsules, powders) or liquid (syrups, gels), formulators can use our excipients to improve active ingredient bioavailability, formulation stability, taste masking and therapeutic adherence, regardless of the active ingredients or forms.

Our excipients are ready to use and comply with IPEC-GMP standards. Seppic has been audited and EXCiPACT™ certified since 2013.

Film coatings for tablet medications

Tablets are among the most commonly used forms for oral administration. Film coating is the final step in tablet manufacturing. It is used to:

  • Protect cores from external aggression with a physical barrier,
  • Protect hygroscopic cores from humidity,
  • Modulate the release of the active ingredient,
  • Color tablets to facilitate identification,
  • Improve therapeutic adherence by facilitating drug intake (swallowing) and by masking the intrinsic active ingredient characteristics (taste, color, odor...).

We offer multiple ranges of ready-to-use, immediate release, and functional film coating agents, as well as film-forming polymers for functional film coatings which offer enteric protection and a modified release.

Compressing agents, binders, and disintegrants

Our binders, disintegrants, and compression agents improve :

  • The proper fluidity and compressibility of the mixture during the direct compression or capsule-filling process;
  • The robustness and stability, both physical and chemical, of the medications over time;
  • The release of the active ingredient after the drug’s ingestion

Seppic offers a range of binders, disintegrants and compression agents for the production of tablets and capsules.

Modified release and taste-masking

Improved bioavailability, controlled release, and reduced toxicity and side effects are key objectives for formulators. Modified releases create options for prolonged, delayed, immediate, rapid (orodispersible) or targeted (enteric) release.

A gastro-resistant film coating prevents the early release of the active ingredient in the stomach to facilitate its passage through the intestine and into the body. Rapid disintegrating agents allow release in the mouth for the orodispersible forms required for certain active ingredients.

Taste-masking is also becoming increasingly important in the formulation of solid oral forms with the emergence of orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs). Taste must be taken into account to encourage therapeutic adherence, particularly for orodispersible forms that linger in the oral cavity.

Solubilizers for efficacy and endurance

Sepitrap™ is a solubilizing surfactant, functionalized in powder form, which improves the solubility of an active ingredient. Easy to handle during equipment filling operations due to the powder's good flowing properties, and suitable for direct compression after blending with the other powdered ingredients, it reduces manufacturing steps and saves time, energy, and water.