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LUMIPOD™ Leucine-based tan booster AMINOVECTOR™

Our scientists selected a biosourced AMINOVECTOR, based on Leucine, well known to be involved in the process of skin pigmentation.

With LUMIPOD, you strengthen skin melanin natural defenses from within & reduce sun exposure to reach the same tanning level.

LUMIPOD, bio-inspired melanogenesis activator and COSMOS approved active ingredient for a long-lasting “sun-kissed” tan.

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* after 28 days of supplementation

+0 %

significantly & visibly boosts the tan

+0 %

quantità di melanina prodotta
Lipacide C8G

LIPACIDE™ C8G Purifying dermoprotector

LIPACIDE™ C8G is the iconic dermo purifying star molecule of the AMINOVECTOR™, based on a glycine grafted on vegetable-based octanoic acid.

As global cutaneous purifier, it is efficient on oily skin & MASKNE, and visibly reduces imperfection. 

LIPACIDE™ C8G is an efficient scalp purifier, as it regulates desquamation, oily & irritated scalp. It offers an excellent protection for cosmetic formulas: reduces the needed quantity of preservatives, and allows preservative-free formulas.

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-0 %

inflammatory imperfections in the mask zone (chin & cheeks)

-0 %

pore appearance

0 min

to restore the skin acid mantle

SOLAGUM TARA™ Elegant natural thickener

100% plant based, SOLAGUM TARA™ is a natural gum derived from renewable and safe sources.

Polymer of choice for medium to thick consistencies, it is ideal for boosting viscosity effect and nice sensory.

Non-ionic, it shows high compatibility with anionic and cationic ingredients for a wide range of applications: skin care, hygiene or hair care.

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*compared to Xanthan gum

0 x

thicker aqueous gels*

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higher viscosity in emulsion*

SEPIPLUS™ K A Graceful Touch for Clean Beauty

SEPIPLUS K is an EO-free multifunctional rheological modifier which enables to thicken, stabilize and texturize formulations.

It shows a good thickening capability, stable over a wide pH range (3 to 12).

With its emulsifying-stabilizing properties, it is a sensory enhancer with silicone-like gliding touch. It grants emotional benefits, as it is an activator of positive emotion.

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0 %

Compatibility with Ethanol

0 %

Oil stabilized

-0 %

energy consumption