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Inspired by nature and backed by science, our ingredients reflect our commitment to develop safe, efficient and environmental-friendly products.
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SAGACIOUS™ The biomimetic anti-sagging ingredient

SAGACIOUSTM is a biomimetic active ingredient from Himanthalia elongata, an edible, organic brown seaweed.

Inspired by molecules involved in maintaining plants’ integrity and structure in space, it is obtained from the extraction of these molecules through a patented eco-designed process called “Coeur d’algue” (Seaweed Heart).

Its action has been proven in-vivo and in-vitro, and shows significant results in anti-sagging: in particular, it improves skin firmness, it reduces the visibility of nasogenian folds and reinforces skin overall biomechanics limiting sagging.

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*after 28 days (vs placebo)

+0 %

procollagen I synthesis


times improved skin firmness*

-0 %

visibility of nasogenian folds*

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL The feel good soothing ingredient

SEPIBLISS™ FEEL  is an active ingredient acting both on skin and mind for the ultimate wellbeing experience.

It is a natural oil from coriander seeds proposing an innovative wellbeing approach: its soothing and comforting effects were proven in-vivo and in-vitro

Its action was studied in comparison to acupuncture and was proven to protect the skin from emotional stress as much as acupuncture. Moreover, it can protect happiness molecules levels from emotional stress, and it can enhance skin comfort as it reduces skin reactivity by protecting neural extensions.

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Discover SEPIBLISS™, its Nutrition grade

*vs stressed cells

-0 %

nitric oxide production (stress marker)*

+0 %

β-endorphins production*

0 %

volunteers perceiving a wellbeing sensation
sepilife g305

SEPILIFE™ G305 The legacy of SEPIGEL™ 305 with high naturality

SEPILIFE™ G305 is a hybrid polymer offering SEPIGEL™ 305 performance with a higher naturality profile.

It offers the same outstanding performance and sensoriality as SEPIGEL™ 305, it is easy to use and suitable for cold and hot processes. It shows excellent emulsifying and stabilizing properties and grants a stable thickening capability over a wide pH range.

Its sensory profile ensures an excellent pick-up, with easy spreading and a soft afterfeel.

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*in a cold-processed formula, compared to hot-process formula


-0 %

energy consumption for cream gel*

0 %

emogreen hp40


EMOGREEN™ HP 40 is a textured and slightly viscous emollient offering an effective and sustainable alternative to heavy silicones, mineral oils and other synthetic emollients.

It imparts film forming properties with a smooth enveloping and supple afterfeel with no tacky effect. Versatile for any cosmetic application, it shows great properties in hair care with its thermal protection, keratin structure, volume control and easy combing effect.

EMOGREEN™ HP 40 is 100% plant-based, inherently biodegradable and shows a large compatibility in formulation along with an ease of use and cold processability.

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0 %

plant based

+0 %

Thermal protective effect*

LUMIPOD™ Leucine-based tan booster AMINOVECTOR™

Our scientists selected a biosourced AMINOVECTOR, based on Leucine, well known to be involved in the process of skin pigmentation.

With LUMIPOD, you strengthen skin melanin natural defenses from within & reduce sun exposure to reach the same tanning level.

LUMIPOD, bio-inspired melanogenesis activator and COSMOS approved active ingredient for a long-lasting “sun-kissed” tan.

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* after 28 days of supplementation

+0 %

significantly & visibly boosts the tan

+0 %

melanin quantity