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CEOLUS™ KG-802 is a highly compactible MCC with fibrous particles.
It enables poorly compactible high-dose formulations, and it solves tableting issues such as insufficient hardness, sticking or capping.

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What are the benefits of CEOLUS™ KG-802 high compactibility?

✓ Enabling challenging formulations: being highly compactible, it allows to create formulations even if they are poorly compactable, high-dose, or feature multiple active ingredients.

✓ Improvement of tablet hardness: its rod-form shape facilitates particle-to-particle entanglements to provide greater tablet hardness.

✓ Resolving tableting issues such as capping, sticking or chipping.

✓ Cost-benefit: less amount is required to obtain sufficient tablet hardness compared to conventional MCC.

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A solution for ODTs

Formulating ODTs (orally disintegrating tablets) presents many challenges in terms of disintegration time, hardness, friability, and mouthfeel. Highly compactible MCC can reduce MCC load, while maintaining:

✓  Rapid disintegration

✓ Tablet hardness

✓  Low friability

✓  Good mouth feel 

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Performance with probiotics

Highly compactible MCC Ceolus™ KG-802 enables practical tablet hardness with lower compression force than conventional MCC.

Pressure-sensitive active ingredients such as probiotics can be compressed without losing much of their activity by using Ceolus™ KG-802.

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CEOLUS™ is available in many grades differing for their compactibility, density and flowability properties

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