Energy-efficient production solutions through cold processes

  • March 16, 2023
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Energy-efficient production solutions through cold processes

Energy saving is an important issue for several reasons. 

The target set in the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to "well below" 2 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era is becoming increasingly distant.1 In view of the growing concern about climate change and its environmental impact, energy-efficient process solutions can help to reduce energy consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions and are thus an important building block in reducing the ecological CO2 footprint.2

Also as a result of the sharp rise in energy prices, the interest of companies in finding more energy-efficient production processes has grown strongly. Cold processes can help save energy costs and use energy resources sparingly by reducing energy consumption in the manufacture of cosmetic products.

An environmentally friendly and sustainable production process can also be an important purchase criterion for the consumer.  

Thus, the reasons for the trend towards energy-efficient production solutions are divers and include both ecological and economic factors.

A solution for saving energy: "Cold Beauty"

Ingredients that can be processed in a cold process offer advantages such as energy or time savings. Unlike traditional gelation or emulsification, the water and oil phases do not have to be heated to temperatures of 80-90°C to form emulsification droplets or gels. Consequently, lengthy cooling processes are also avoided. This leads to considerable energy and time savings in production and reduces the C02 balance of the production process.

Seppic solutions for cold processes

Seppic has a range of ingredients that enable cold process formulations to save time and energy. With these solutions, formulators can save up to 93% of energy consumption.3

Cream gels

Seppic's polymers for formulating cream gels are cold processable and offer multifunctionality and different sensory properties from light and fresh to rich and soft. 

Also 100% natural cream gels are possible with our natural polymers SOLAGUM™ AX and SOLAGUM™ Tara are possible. They stand out sensory especially because they are light and non-sticky as well as show no "rubbing effect" on the skin. Here are various examples based on the combination of SOLAGUM™ AX and ORAMIX™ CG110.

Natural Multi Benefit Marine Serum

Skin-Perfect Radiance Cream Gel

Green Daily Light Cream Gel

The combination of SOLAGUM™ AX and SOLAGUM™ Tara is also possible for natural cream gels.

Cosmos Gliding Drop

O/W emulsions

FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY is a natural and sustainable O/W emulsifier that is liquid and therefore does not need to be melted. Compared to an emulsion produced in a hot process, FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY formulated in a cold process can save time and energy. With FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY you can produce very nice natural fluids or lotions in combination with e.g. SOLAGUM™ AX.

On-the-go moisturizing Body Fluid

FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY can also be used to stabilise oil phases in surfactant systems. Here is an example of a cold process Shower Cream.

Ecofriendly Silky Shower Cream

GELTRAP™ technology for gel-in-oil emulsions

Our GELTRAP™ technology is a gel-in-oil emulsion with a high water content, which is fundamentally different from W/O and O/W emulsions. This unique, cold-processed emulsion shows very interesting properties such as well-being, protection against dehydration and water resistance. Natural formulations are also possible with GELTRAP™ technology thanks to Fluidanov™20X and our natural SOLAGUM™ polymers are possible.

Cosmos Skin Bliss

Cocooning Body & Hand Cream

Seppic offers various raw materials that can be specifically adapted to the requirements of energy-efficient solutions for cold processes. Our cold processable ingredients and our frame formulations show solutions for cold processes and are a source of inspiration for sustainable and more environmentally friendly formulations.


3 compared to a classic emulsion produced in a hot process in a 5 kg batch