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Coriander seed oil for skin comfort and soothing from within

SEPIBLISS™ is the first oral ingredient dedicated to sensitive skin. It has been developed to offer an efficient and convenient soothing solution for every skin type.

- Dual action supported by proprietary data: protective and soothing

- Highly concentrated in petroselinic acid

- Consumer friendly: natural 100% virgin oil, eco-ingredient

The bliss of precious oil to take care of modern skins

SEPIBLISS ™ is inspired from ancient times when coriander seed had a medicinal role thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

SEPIBLISS ™ is a virgin coriander seed oil rich in petroselinic acid.

This beauty elixir finds a perfect place in modern beauty routine to take care of the growing and global concern of skin sensitivity and reactivity.

  • SEPIBLISS ™ helps fight and resist a wide range of environmental aggressions like UV, pollution, stress...
  • SEPIBLISS ™ comforts and soothes sensitive, reactive, irritated and atopic prone skin.
  • SEPIBLISS ™ reduces unpleasant reactions : itching, tingling, irritation, blushing...

The action on skin reactivity

SEPIBLISS ™ acts on 4 skin reactivity phenomena:

  • Neuro-soothing action: SEPIBLISS ™  is able to reduce the activation of nociception mechanisms
  • Anti-inflammatory action: SEPIBLISS ™ is able to protect keratinocytes from excessive inflammation
  • Antioxidant action
  • Barrier reinforcing action

Formulate with SEPIBLISS ™

SEPIBLISS™ can be formulated as:

  • The central ingredient in product designed for soothing and reducing reactions of sensitive skin
  • Supporting ingredient in anti-aging, hydrating, glowing or UV formula in order to personalize them for sensitive skin


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