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Just be radiant

Restore your skin radiance with SkinAx²™, an innovative anti-aging nutricosmetic formula clinically proven to illuminate, brighten, and refresh your complexion.

Patent-pending nutricosmetic formula

SkinAx²™ is a unique patent-pending formula of natural antioxidants, combining French grape seed (Vitis vinifera L.) and melon (Cucumis melo L.) extracts, respectively rich in highly bioavailable polyphenols, and bioactive SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD), vitamin C and zinc. SkinAx²™ ingredients have been carefully selected for their demonstrated and complementary beneficial effects on skin, already reported in more than 40 scientific publications.

Synergistic way of action

Combining primary and secondary antioxidants, SkinAx²™ provides an optimal and synergistic antioxidant protection, preventing skin oxidation, well-known as the main cause of skin alterations. Contrary to most of skin anti-aging solutions, SkinAx²™ not only acts on a single parameter but has a full and complementary action on all factors involved in skin radiance: it regulates positively melanin synthesis, protects and stabilizes skin collagen fibers, and improves skin microcirculation.

Proprietary published clinical study

SkinAx²™ has been clinically tested in France on 35 women (40 to 70 years old with different skin phototypes) at 150 mg/day.  SkinAx²™ efficacy on skin radiance has been evaluated using both physical (Cutometer test) and visual (C.L.B.T.™ test) methods under dermatological control. After two months of supplementation, SkinAx²™ globally improves all the parameters involved in skin radiance:

  • Color: red pink and olive colors are significantly reduced by 35% and 22% respectively
  • Contrast: luminosity is increased by 26%
  • Imperfections: facial skin imperfections are significantly reduced by -18%.
  • Firmness: Skin elasticity is improved by 9%.

Overall, 82% of women are satisfied by the efficacy of SkinAx²™ on skin radiance, and 2 women out of 3 feel looking better after the supplementation.


ACTIV'INSIDE develops natural active solutions, scientifically proven to be effective, with differentiating proprietary messages.

Located in Bordeaux, France, ACTIV'INSIDE is also the specialist for grapes and saffron extracts.

SEPPIC distributes ACTIV'INSIDE products in North America.



Safety Data Sheet

SkinAx²™ is a unique patent-pending combination of natural antioxidants, preventing the causes of dull complexion and globally improving the parameters involved in skin radiance: color, contrast, imperfections, and firmness. After 8 weeks of supplementation with SkinAx²™, 82% of women were satisfied with the results, and 2 out of 3 women felt more attractive.

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