Pick your Polymer

  • December 20, 2022
  • 3 minutes of read time

Pick your Polymer

Seppic's polymers  are well known for their ability to thicken and stabilize formulations, even with high content of oils in cream gels, in order to be easy-to-use and to create enjoyable textures for the consumers!

Since the launch of Sepigel 305™, the range has extended significantly to offer a variety of skin feels, performances, natural content...

Let's go over all your options.

The form: liquid, concentrated or powder?

Seppic's liquid polymers are obtained by inverse emulsion polymerization technology. More about our polymerization technologies here.

They come in a water-in-oil emulsion form, where the polymer is trapped into water droplets. During the formulation process, a spontaneous phase inversion happens when the water is added, leading to an oil-in-water emulsion where the polymer swells and can  thicken and stabilize the formulation.

No need for neutralization, high shear or surfactant, the polymer are easy to use and cold processable if needed!

inverse emulsion polymer


In the range, discover Seppic classical liquid grades: SepigelTM, SimulgelTM & SepilifeTM  and the concentrated liquid grades, effective from low dosage: SepiplusTM.

Seppic's powder polymers are concentrated, and therefore effective from low dosage. They  can create translucent or even transparent gels due to their reduced (or absent) oil content. They can also be used in cold process if wanted.

The SepinovTM range comes from the inverse emulsion polymerization technology above followed by a drying step while SepimaxTM  range is obtained by precipitation polymerization technology, creating high performance polymers.

polymer obtained by precipitation


Texture & sensoriality

Seppic has a polymer proposal for all textures and skin feel:

  • A wide range of textures, from fluid to  compact formulas.
  • Various sensory from rich and long-lasting comfort to quick-break & nude skin feel
  • Some with quick-break effect for a fresh and melting skin feel.
  • Non stringy and non sticky textures

Don't hesitate to ask us to help you find the right one depending on the product you want to create.  We have a sensoriality mapping of our polymers to guide you.


Technical performance

All Seppic polymers have been evaluated for their multifunctional performance (thickening, emulsifying-stabilizing, texturizing), tested over a wide pH range, with different types of oil. They have demonstrated good compatibilty with solvents, mineral filters and screens, color pigments...

Seppic has identified the most performing grades for specific properties needed in  formulation such as:

  • Sprayability
  • Wipe formulations
  • Oil stabilizing performance (without emulsifer)
  • Extreme pH
  • Perfect transparency
  • Particles, glitters, oil suspension
  • Resistance to stressful ingredients (electrolytes, hydrogen peroxide,  acidic ingredients...)
  • Compatibility with DHA, hydrogen peroxide, inorganic sunscreens, hydrophilic pigments


What about sustainability?

Seppic provides the naturality index according to ISO 16128 norm for all its polymers. SepilifeTM Nude  is the grade presenting the highest naturality. Need for 100% naturality?  Discover SolagumTM range, natural thickeners that are  performant and will improve the texture and  skin feel of natural personal care products.

Think energy saving! Our polymers are cold processable and will help to reduce energy consumption and manufacturing time compared to classical hot-process.  An ecological gesture for the planet!

Seppic proposes a large range of polymeric thickeners and stabilizers to offer formulators unique performance and  infinite sensory experiences.  A wide range of ingredients and solutions to design the cosmetics of tomorrow.