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SEPISPERSE™ DRY - agent colorant - pelliculage


Coloring system for the SEPIFILM™ film-coating ranges

The SEPISPERSE™ DRY range has been developed so that gastrosoluble film-coating agents can be colored quickly and easily. Granular in form, the products combine easily with the SEPIFILM™ and SEPIFILM™ LP ranges and provide a homogeneous and optimal coloration of the film-coating solution. They are also compatible with all other HPMC-based film-coating solutions.

Stable, uniform colors

Like SEPIFILM™, SEPISPERSE™ DRY has been developed on HPMC and is used in aqueous phase. They are concentrated in pigments, usually 30% of the formulation, in order to brong intense to colors tablets.

SEPISPERSE™ DRY is very easy to use, it is simply added to the film-coating solution during the dispersion of the film-forming polymer.

SEPISPERSE™ DRY can be used to obtain perfectly uniform and reproducible colors that are characterised using qualitative (PANTONE®) and quantitative (chromametry) measures.

The SEPISPERSE™ DRY range offers a wide color palette, available through a color guide.

For some specific requests, our application laboratory also offers a color-matching service.


The SEPISPERSE™ DRY products are easy to use:

  • Excellent flowing properties
  • No dust is generated during preparation
  • Easy to disperse in water: just 35 minutes of stirring, no lumps and limited generation of foam - homogeneity guaranteed

Furthermore, SEPPIC supports its customers with a wide range of services, such as Sepischool, a theoretical and practical training course on film-coating, technical assistance from a film-coating expert on customer site and a bespoke formulation offer.

Discover the different services here.


The SEPISPERSE™ DRY range can be used for:

  • dietary supplements
  • confectionery

Products that comply with EU and US regulations for dietary supplements are available.

The products from the SEPISPERSE™ DRY range are also suitable for pharmaceutical applications.

Some colors have specific limitations on their use. Contact us for more information.


Safety Data Sheet

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