Biodegradable bio-based emulsifiers
Science magnifying nature

Biodegradable bio-based emulsifiers

Seppic was a pioneer in the creation for beauty and care of alkylpolyglucosic emulsifiers (APG) on long carbon chains 100% of natural origin. For more than 30 years, we have been magnifying nature, staying as close as possible to the evolution of the personal care market.

Thanks to a great expertise in formulation and a range of technical and sensorial ingredients, developed and produced in France, Seppic accompanies the creation of ever more efficient cosmetic products.

A force for innovation and always concerned about minimizing the environmental impact of emulsifiers throughout their life cycle, Seppic explores the limits of emulsion stability to unleash your creativity. 

Let us share our expertise and bring our ingredients to life at the heart of your projects!



Liquid crystals Efficiency and stability promoters

The MONTANOV™ range creates biomimetic textures rich in liquid crystals, particularly stable even in extreme conditions (temperature, time, transport vibrations...). Mimicking the natural lipid organization of the stratum corneum, the liquid crystals melt into the stratum corneum to reinforce the skin barrier. Better hydrated, the skin is visibly smoother (demonstrated in vivo with MONTANOV™ 202). 

Thanks to their natural structural power, MONTANOV™ meets today's need for minimalist formulas.

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MONTANOV™ grades

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a visibly smoother skin (MONTANOV™ 202)

Bio-based emulsifier, For a sustainable beauty

Eco-design is at the heart of our specialty emulsifiers to develop formulas up to 100% natural origin (according to ISO 16128 standard), labeled and biodegradable. Seppic has at heart to act on the whole life cycle of its emulsifiers.

Our palm oil-derived ingredients are mostly certified Mass Balance by RSPO* (up to 100% by 2025).

*Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Number BVC-RSPO-1-1972708497

Developed according to the principles of green chemistry, the latest addition to the range, FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY is 100% natural, MB certified by RSPO and COSMOS and NATRUE approved. Cold processable, it allows to create formulas respectful of the environment, saving both production time and energy needs.

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A wide range of applications Emotions creator

The Seppic range of emulsifiers has been designed to offer a palette of high performance ingredients with a variety of sensory qualities, always renewed to surprise and delight consumers around the world. 

Like SENSANOV™WR an anionic emulsifier that gives O/W emulsions a surprising velvety feel. Matifying, the non-occlusive film formed on the surface of the skin has a protective effect: anti-pollution, water resistance... ideal for sun protection, make-up and skincare.

Discover original inspirations in the Beauty Care Mag!

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up to oil for O/W emulsions

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SENSANOV™ WR for higher water resistance


unique patented technology GELTRAP™





Seppic has developed In Vitro tests that provide insight to choose the ideal emulsifier for specific applications. For example, we participate in improving the understanding of the tolerance of gentle formulas such as baby care or specific care for vulnerable skin.

These tools, combined with a very good knowledge of our emulsifiers, are designed to reinforce your feeling of security during formulation. As a result, the finished products on the market - some of which have been on the market for more than 30 years - show a very favorable cosmetovigilance. 

Because you have placed your trust in us, more than 2000 baby products throughout the world contain MONTANOV™ 202 since its launch in 1997.

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With a long expertise in formulation, Seppic supports you in the creation of original and differentiating textures. 

A good example is the patented technology GELTRAP™ which allows to obtain gel-in-oil formulas with a high rate of internal phase. Neither completely O/W emulsion nor completely W/O emulsion, it offers an original and exceptional sensoriality halfway between freshness and softness. The texture GELTRAP™ presents all the benefits of the  oil continuous phase (water resistance, reduction of PIE, strengthening of the lipid barrier) combined with the lightness of the aqueous gel that quenches the skin's thirst.

The GELTRAP™ can be cold (or hot) processed in order to save time and energy in production. By reducing the oily phase, it also saves on material costs.

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Objectivated emulsifiers
Objectivated emulsifiers

Objectivated emulsifiers

For formulas that are ever more minimalist and eco-responsible, Seppic complements the main competence of its emulsifiers - the stability of your formulas - with clinical studies that demonstrate their additional skin benefits.

Seppic innovates in terms of objectivation in order to highlight new performances. For example, the ColorFace® system, which allows for standardized, high-quality images, has been demonstrated that SENSANOV™ WR (at 3% in emulsion) provides an immediate mattifying effect and MONTANOV™ 202 (at 3% in emulsion) a restructuring effect for a smoother skin texture, visible immediately after application.

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