Foaming and solubilizing surfactants
Foams that respect people and the planet


Specialized in the chemistry of sugars and vectorized amino acid, Seppic combines gentleness and efficiency in its foaming and solubilizing surfactants. The range remains as close as possible to the evolution of the cosmetics market, meeting expectations in terms of safety, durability and well-being.

A force for innovation and committed to reduce the environmental impact of surfactants throughout their life cycle, Seppic opens up a world of gentleness and sensoriality to hygiene products to unleash the creativity of formulators, while ensuring perfect tolerance.

Thanks to rich, airy foams, the skin is enveloped in a cocoon of well-being, transforming bathing into a pure moment of pleasure!

Let us share our expertise and bring our ingredients at the heart of your projects!





Taking care of the planet, for a sustainable beauty

Because today it is impossible to innovate without eco-design, technology is becoming the ally of sustainability. Our specialty surfactants make it possible to create formulas that are up to 100% natural (according to ISO 16128), labeled and biodegradable.

SEPICLEAR™ G7 is a concentrated O/W solubilizer, 100% bio-based and eco-friendly, able to effectively replace ethoxylated compounds. Preservative-free and easily biodegradable, it can be cold processed and enables to tame the most unruly perfumes, essential oils and active ingredients. 

2013 Laureate of the "Pierre Potier Prize".

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biodegradability SEPICLEAR™ G7

Softness and care for the skin

Modern cosmetic products must have a perfect tolerance.

To meet these essential requirements Seppic specialty surfactants are subjected to a series of toxicological tests. Thus, they contribute to a perfect safety at the recommended use level for the specific applications.

Innovative in vitro tests are also carried out on certain grades to enable you to incorporate them with complete peace of mind into the formulations of products for intimate hygiene or oral care for instance.


PROTEOL™, for gentleness and sensoriality


grades tested on vaginal epithelium


grades tested on gingival epithelium

Sensoriality and emotions

At Seppic nothing replaces the evaluation of the sensoriality by highly experienced human panelists. These sensory tests allow us to evaluate for each foaming ingredient: the appearance, the density, the fineness, the volume, the rinseability... as well as the softness of the foam during application and of the skin after drying.

Gentle to the skin and not delipidating, the PROTEOL™ range creates dense, abundant foams with very fine bubbles, very stable and easy to rinse.

The specialty surfactants offered by Seppic are the guarantee of ultra-sensorial cleansing products that transform bathing into a pure moment of joy and delight!



foaming power PROTEOL™ APL EF (mL)


foaming power PROTEOL™ OAT PF (mL)




Seppic masters the science of lipoaminoacids, a union of amino acids and fatty acids. By the diversity of their structure and their omnipresence in nature, amino acids are a natural resource essential to the creation of bio-inspired ingredients. 

Apples and oats are the ingredients that inspire the PROTEOL™ line of foaming liquid specialty surfactants, deliciously mild and sensorial.

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Chimistry of sugars
Chemistry of sugars

Chemistry of sugars

As an expert in sugar chemistry and green chemistry, Seppic has made sugars, rich in hydroxyl functions, a preferred raw material for the development of its biosurfactants: the Alkyl Polyglucosides. By adjusting the short chain of fatty alcohols (less than 14 carbon atoms), Seppic creates sometimes solubilizers, hydrotropes (such as SEPICLEAR™ G7 ), sometimes wetting agents or foaming agents (such as the ORAMIX™ range).

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