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wesource™ launches HYDRALIXIR™ range, collection of plant cellular waters sourced from the marine world


During the next In-Cosmetics 2019 exhibition in Paris, wesource™ will present HYDRALIXIR™ range:  a collection of responsible plant cellular waters, sourced from the marine world.

Freshwater, an essential ingredient in cosmetic formulations, is a precious resource at the heart of fundamental human and ecological concerns. Highlighted by our researchers, new sources of plant-based waters help to preserve this vital resource; HYDRALIXIR™ range is an eco-designed collection of plant cellular fresh waters, combining responsible innovation and naturality.

HYDRALIXIR™ LD, Cellular Elixir from Laminaria digitata (certified from organic agriculture), and HYDRALIXIR™ CC, Fundamental Fluid from Chondrus crispus & Gigartina stellata, are plant-based waters from seaweeds, that are accessible in a local, reasoned and sustainable harvest* in Brittany (France).Two by-products captured by evaporation, resulting from an energy-efficient production with a low impact on drinkable water resources, which reduce the freshwater footprint of cosmetic formulations.

Nathalie TROUVÉ, product manager of HYDRALIXIR™ range, tells: “HYDRALIXIR™ is a collection of ingredients in line with our customers and eco-consumers expectations, in terms of responsibility. A meaningful drop of water, reflecting both wesource™ know-how and Seppic’s commitment.”

*Seaweed harvest is framed by the InterBio Bretagne ‘good practices guide’.

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