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So sporty water resistant sun protection cream in vitro SPF 30


A solar formula to fully enjoy outdoor sports! Fast drying effect and non greasy texture guaranteed!

SEPILIFE™ NUDE ensures the fluidity of the emulsion and stabilizes the oily phase. Thanks to its good compatibility with titanium dioxide, it minimizes the greasy skin feel with high content of sun filters (17%).
SENSANOV™ WR establishes a matte velvety sunscreen with a light skin feel. SEPIMAT™ HB V ensures a non-greasy and powdery feel which comforts the skin.
SENSANOV™ WR creates 100%* water resistance formulation (* SEPPIC 57CO048A method)

  • Sun Filters with global authorisation
  • In-vitro SPF = 30 (SEPPIC 57CO033 method)

It has never been so pleasant to protect your skin from the sun!