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SEPPIC in Singapore

Singapore is a strategic hub covering South East Asia and the Pacific. To cater to the region’s strong growth, SEPPIC decided to open its office in this cosmopolitan country in 2008. It is located 25 km from Changi International Airport.

The Singapore sales team covers Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar Philippines, Vietnam), Pacific (Australia, New Zealand) and South Korea. Their main role is to develop sales and ensure presence in the fields of Beauty Care, Pharmaceutical & Nutrition, Adjuvants for Vaccines & Injectables and Performance Materials.

SEPPIC Singapore reports to APAC Regional Management based on Shanghai, China.

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Beauty Care

Beauty care inspires you every day. From market trends, development and product concept to full customer service, SEPPIC has the solution.

SEPPIC provides a wide range of ​innovative products covering Active Beauty, Sensorial Beauty, esters and emollients. SEPPIC is able to offer​ full formulation solutions combining all of its expertise.


SEPPIC Asia Singapore

3 HarbourFront Place # 09 – 04 HarbourFront Tower Two Singapore 099254

65 6278 6711

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Dietary Supplements

For the nutraceutical industry, SEPPIC offers exclusive natural solutions with demonstrated health benefits for Beauty and Vitality. It partners with innovative companies and develops research-based ingredients to offer premium trademarks. SEPPIC also offers ingredients for formulation such as tablet coating solutions and processing aids for  compression and sustained release.


Vaccine adjuvants

SEPPIC develops and promotes highly refined materials intended for the delivery of therapeutic substances via parenteral route. With a strong expertise in immunology, it offers solutions for both therapeutic and prophylactic vaccine markets. Its experts in surfactant chemistry can develop innovative solutions for drug delivery in oncology, infectious, auto-immune and chronic diseases.

Pharmaceutical excipients

SEPPIC designs and develops innovative pharmaceutical excipients that are manufactured with the same high standards as for pharmaceutical products and comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). These excipients cover 3 routes of administration: oral, injectable and topical.

Veterinary vaccine adjuvant

Since 1974, SEPPIC has been combining expertise & service to develop MONTANIDE vaccine adjuvants. These adjuvants are designed to improve the safety, efficacy and stability of vaccines. These ready-to-use adjuvants are widely used in avian, ruminant, swine and fish vaccines. Through innovation, SEPPIC is committed to advancing the fight against sickness in order to build a healthier future.

Performance Materials

SEPPIC serves specific needs within a wide range of markets, including: glass decoration for the wine and liquor industries, car care, HI&I, agriculture, oil field, and paper treatment, among others. Its expertise lies within chemical etching, polymers for the creation of stable emulsions, and green surfactants. SEPPIC Performance Materials are versatile problem-solving chemistries and can be found anywhere from glass etching creams in craft stores used to decorate wine glasses, to tire-shine emulsions, to green surfactants used for weed or pest control.