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SL 826

Alkylpolyglucoside with foaming properties

SIMULSOLTM SL 826 is a non-ionic and non-ethoxylated surfactant prepared from glucose and C8 - C16 fatty alcohols.
SIMULSOLTM SL 826 is a solubilizing alkylpolygluglucoside with detergent properties.
Alkylpolyglucoside’s similarity with natural compounds leads to very favourable toxicological and ecotoxicological behaviour.

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Analytical datas

Analytical data Standard limits Method
Appearance 20°C Limpid S 52 180
Color (Gardner) 3 max S 52 150
HLB 13
Solid content 53 to 57% 52 034
pH 4 to 7 NFT 73 206
Freezing point -4°C  
Viscosity 25°C 1000 - 2500 cP LV M3 V60
Aerobic biodegradability Readily OCDE 301
Shelf life 365 days
Labels/Lists Suitable for Ecolabel
DID listed



SIMULSOLTM SL 826 shows no cloud point and is readily biodegradable. It is stable at all pH and suitable for highly alkaline or electrolytic media. This product can act as hydrotrope to solubilize other ingredients and shows great flexibility in combination with anionic or cationic surfactant. SIMULSOLTM SL 826 is suitable for Ecolabel.

Surface active and foaming properties

SIMULSOLTM SL 826 shows excellent surface active and foaming properties. Surface tension in distilled water at 25°C and 0.01% active substance is lowered to 28.4 mN/m.

Extensive chemical compatibility

SIMULSOLTM SL 826 is compatible in:

  • Concentrated electrolyte solutions
  • Strong alkaline medium (for example 20% of NaOH)
  • Acidic solutions (except on oxidazing acid such as HNO3).


SIMULSOLTM SL 826 applications are various, such as:

  • Crop protection products
  • Household, Institutional & industrial detergents
  • Oilfield: Gas well production detergents, Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Wood treatment
  • Light duty liquids
  • Flotation
  • Fire fighting foam
  • Care care