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Seppic wins the silver medal under Functional Category at In-Cosmetics Asia 2019

Seppic wins the silver prize for the most innovative functional ingredient at the In-Cosmetics Asia 2019 trade show, for HYDRALIXIR™ range, a collection of responsible plant cellular waters, sourced from the marine world.

This award was awarded by a panel of cosmetics experts. It recognizes a functional ingredient offering a major innovation in cosmetics applications that has been on the market for 6 months.

HYDRALIXIR™ range is an eco-designed collection of plant cellular fresh waters, combining responsible innovation and naturality. This new source of plant-based waters helps to preserve water use.

HYDRALIXIR™ CC is an algae cellular water, sourced in the heart of Chondrus crispus & Gigartina stellata; a couple of red seaweeds that live together along the wild French coasts of Brittany.

HYDRALIXIR™ LD is an algae cellular water, collected in the heart of Laminaria digitata (brown seaweeds sourced in Brittany, France).

Both combine sustainable sourcing, eco-conception & naturality.