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Open & Integrated Innovation

Promote creativity and connection to market needs through an open and integrated innovation ecosystem.

Open & Sourcing Innovation: SEP’INNOVE

The goal of SEP’INNOVE program is to search or to develop new ingredients or intermediate raw materials, new methods for performance or biological efficacy evaluation-characterization, new or optimized technologies, to boost innovation and investigate new domains.

Integrated Innovation and Development

SEPPIC's innovation is organized around 3 teams designing Active ingredients, Excipients and Formulation technologies.

Around a platform of technologies to design specialty ingredients for all markets: health, beauty care and performance materials.

Synergies inside and between the teams are activated by the association of invention and performance evaluation according to the final applications. Prospective, development and scale-up are coupled to boost efficiency: a complete approach from sourcing to industrial intensification.

Innovation ecosystem
Innovation ecosystem