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Seppic Inc. and BioActor B.V. announce their intention to enter into a partnership for dietary active ingredients

Partnership for dietary active ingredients

Seppic Inc. and BioActor B.V. are in advanced discussions to finalize a distribution agreement by which Seppic Inc. will offer dietary active ingredients of Bioactor B.V. in the United States on an exclusive basis.

The ingredients developed by Bioactor B.V. will expand the portfolio of substantiated active ingredients of Seppic Inc. and address major trends in the dietary supplements sector, such as Beauty, Vitality, Mood, Memory, Sport nutrition, Bone and Gut Health.

In particular, four trademarked ingredients, backed up with strong science and gold standard clinical studies, are in discussion: MicrobiomeX™, Bonolive™, Watts'up™ and Actiful™. MicrobiomeX™, for example, is a first-in-class Flavobiotic® that protects the gut barrier and directly leverages the gut microbiome potential.

Once the agreement is signed, Seppic Inc. will rapidly propose those trademarked products to its customers and offer a strong level support, thanks to the scientific expertise of its teams and its reach in North America.

“With this agreement, we will continue to bring substantiated novelty to our customers and help them launch successful dietary supplements. We will complement the key ingredients from our other partners, such as Ceramosides™ (EPI), Safr’Inside™, Memophenol™ and SkinAx²™ (Activ’Inside), Givomag™ and Givocal™ (Isaltis)”, states Sebastien Merchet, Business Development Manager at Seppic Inc.