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Commitments to respect SEPPIC employees

Commitments to respect
Seppic employees

Safety, health and the well-being of its employees around the world are the first priority of Seppic. Its goal is to develop a culture of safety to maintain a workplace without incident.

Commitments to Comply with the ILO

Seppic is committed  to comply fully with the declaration of the International Labor Organization of 1998 for its collaborators, in particular its 8 fundamental conventions:

  • Convention N°87 Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize, 1948
  • Convention N°98 Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining, 1949
  • Convention N°29 Forced Labor, 1930
  • Convention N°105 Abolition of Forced Labor, 1957
  • Convention N°138 Minimum Age, 1973
  • Convention N°182 Worst Forms of Child Labor, 1999
  • Convention N°100 Equal Remuneration, 1951
  • Convention N°111 Discrimination (Employment and Occupation), 1958

Commitments to respect its employees

SEPPIC is committed to respecting its employees

  • The ban of moral or physical harassment
  • The absence of discrimination and equal opportunities
  • The compliance with industry legislation and standards regarding working time
  • The application of International Occupational Safety and Health Management Standards
  • The application of the best health and well-being benefits for all its employees