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SEPPIC announces new clinical data for TALADVANCE™, its complexion perfector active ingredient


Sourced in Madagascar by Serdex, SEPPIC’s subsidiary, TALADVANCE™ is a nature-like active ingredient improving skin complexion with fast and long-lasting activity.

Claimed by more than 20% of new launches in facial care each year1, skin radiance and complexion uniformity are nowadays the main concern for consumers around the world2.

TALADVANCE™ is an extract of Centella asiatica with a molecular content very close to the natural composition of the plant. This plant, well known in dermocosmetic applications due to its high levels of triterpenes and polyphenols, offers multiple properties as soothing, repairing, etc.

Protecting and maintaining skin balance, TALADVANCE™ reveals today new properties as a complexion perfector. Recent clinical data on volunteers show that TALADVANCE™ significantly improves skin uniformity and complexion after only 30 minutes of application (+58% radiance) and boosts skin glow after 28 days for a lasting blooming effect.

The skin is refreshed, regains homogeneity and glow. TALADVANCE™ brings flash radiance for all skin.

TALADVANCE™ is an ECOCERT active ingredient from organic Centella and is China compliant.

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2« Global Truth in Beauty » Survey by Clinique 2007

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