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CEOLUS™ Cellulose microcristalline (MCC) - excipient de compression


Ready-to-use and gastrosoluble film-coating agents for tablets

SEPIFILM™ Classic is a range of instant release and ready-to-use film-coating agents.

They give a nice finish to tablets and is perfectly adapted to nutritional oral solid dosage forms.

A complete film-coating system

Products from the SEPIFILM™ Classic range are aesthetic film-coating agents.
SEPIFILM™ Classic are ready-to-use HPMC-based systems: they combine a film-forming polymer, a binder and a plasticizer.
Formulations are designed for aqueous coating but are also compatible with organic solvents.

SEPIFILM™ Classic come into an exclusive granule form and exist in transparent and white references. They can be easily colored using our coloring agent system SEPISPERSE™ DRY.

Key benefits

  • Easy to handle with no generated dust
  • Easy to disperse into water in only 35 minutes with no lumps and limited foam
  • Fast coating system with reduced spraying time (up to 20% solid content)
  • Enhanced film adhesion
  • Excellent logo definition


SEPIFILM™ Classic can be used for:

  • Food supplements
  • Confectionery

References compliant with EU and US food supplements regulations are available.

SEPIFILM™ Classic also exist for Pharmaceutical oral solid dosage forms.