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EU07333 - Full hydratation cream
EU07384A - Optimized foaming power make it a cleanser!
EU07409 - Pure clear energizing serum
EU07407 - Anti pollution ideal care for oily skin - in vivo tested
EU07405 - Sebum regulation & anti-pollution serum
EU07328B - Powdery perfector ultrasoft spf 30 face and body
US20027A - « Bye bye static » hair conditioner
US20023 - Crows Feet Cream Gel
US20001 - Flash energizing primer
EU07326 - The hair youth treatment conditioning anti-aging cream rich & silky texture - silicone free
EU07298 - Lightening melting gel-cream
EU07296 - Double effect day cream
EU07295 - Cupcake soap
EU07293 - Radiance revival the illuminating pressed powder
EU07290 - Lather Up! Coriander & lime dual body wash and bubble bath
EU07288 - Sulfate free shampoo dandruff and irritated scalp
EU07287B - "Cocoon" daily skin care
EU07283 - Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15
EU07278 - Capsules care graph sulfate free shampoo
EU07269A - Sulfate-free shampoo gold kist apricot
EU07276 - Marine protective deodorant
EU07267A - Gariguette strawberry exfoliating body wash
EU07268A - Granny apple smoothie shower gel
EU07264 - Sweetened hydration
EU07266A - Bahia blue crush daily exfoliating cleanser sulfate free
EU07253 - Soothing Micellar Water So Soft
EU07244 - Liquid talc
EU07236 - Mask TARA-ZEN
EU07229 - Whitening & moisturizing serum
EU07235 - Beauty armor blush
US20068B - Hands down surprise mask - “This is not a green colored oil”
US20068A - Hands down surprise mask - “This is not a green colored GELTRAP™”
LA60022 - Rainbow hair balm - Nourishing leave-in conditioner
EU07434 - Black Pop Art #purifying #multimasking
EU07430 - Blue Pop Art #rejuvenating #multimasking
EU07429 - Red Pop Art #plumping #multimasking