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AS40062 - Responsible source palm anti-pollution cream

Responsible source palm anti-pollution cream


Body care formulation with bio-sourced ingredients and illustrative of the RSPO action plan
  • To preserve the skin against pollution, this cream associates the antioxidant action of EPHEMER™*, the first active from CELEBRITY™ technology (macroalgae cells culture) and moisturizing power of AQUAXYL™ a 100% bio-sourced agent.
  • MONTANOV™ 68 MB + 202 associated with a low ratio of SEPINOV™ EMT 10* stabilizes the oily phase complex and improves texture smoothness.
  • EMOGREEN™ L19 procures a gliding texture and a soft, non greasy touch. High compatibility with esters.
  • This formula is the result of an ethical sourcing and inspires well-being for the body.

* Ingredients included in SEPPIC action plan RSPO Mass Balance certification for 2017
* Mass Balance sourcing + No deforestation certificate