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EU07262 - Raspberry honey facial cleanser Sulfate-free!

Raspberry honey facial cleanser Sulfate-free!


Sweet raspberry candy for a cleansed and energized skin!
  • Abundant and pleasant foam with surfactant synergy (15% a.i.):
    • ORAMIX™ L30, an alternative to LESNa provides creamy foam.
    • PROTEOL™ APL, fruit-concept surfactant for a gentle approach. Fruit concept!
    • ORAMIX™ CG110 and NS10 with excellent foaming properties.
  • SEPIMAX™ ZEN and SOLAGUM™ AX thicken, stabilize and texturize foam while unleashing a veil of silky softness.
  • SEPITONIC™ M3: A mineral cocktail to stimulate the skin and re-acquire new energy.
  • 95% natural origin ingredients