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Bioceramic thermic shield - The ocean powder
Lithotamniun Calcarum Extract - Mannitol - Diatomaceous Earth - Zinc Sulfate

PHYCOCORAIL™ comes from “Coralline”, red algae with one recognized family called Corallinacea & characterized by the impregnation of cell walls with calcite (a form of calcium carbonates), which causes the thallus to be stony or brittle.

The ecosystem in which coralline algae are most important is the coral reef, where they are primary producers, adding carbon to the ecosystem, adding new materials to the reefs and cementing together other calcareous organisms.

Bioceramic thermic shield

  • Protects 74% of keratinocytes & 80% Langherans cells after UV/IR stress
  • DNA damages: -72%
  • Absorption of infra red radiation


  • 30% oil absorption
  • Anti shine
  • High porosity, very large specific surface

Sensorial profile:

  • Matte & dry effect


  • Solubility: dispersible
  • Form: powder
  • Use level: 1%-3%
  • Preservative free

China compliant.