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AMONYL-Excipient-Foaming agent


ORAMIX™ are alkyl polyglucosides from vegetal origin

ORAMIX™ are alkyl polyglucosides in liquid form that are used as foaming agents in the manufacture of antiseptic products.


ORAMIX™ products have cleansing and foaming properties. They are perfectly suited to the formulation of antiseptic soaps, since they can be used to solubilize antimicrobial active agents without altering their properties.

Due to their non-ionic nature they can very easily be combined with other cationic, anionic or non-ionic agents.
They are stable in a wide pH range and compatible with natural and sulphate-free formulas.



ORAMIX™ NS 10 is well-tolerated by the skin and mucosa and can be used for antiseptic liquid soaps and products designed to come in contact with the skin and hair.
This product is designed for pharmaceutical applications.