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co-emulsifier, O/W emulsion, oil in water, cosmetic


Gives consistency to O/W emulsions

A co-emulsifying alkylpolyglucoside and consistency factor from natural origin, MONTANOV™ 14 helps to stabilize and thicken all types of O/W emulsions. Its neutral feel means that it can be used to create thick emulsions with a light feel in combination with MONTANOV™ 202 or L.


INCI: Myristyl Alcohol & Myristyl Glucoside


  • Improves the stability of O/W formulas
  • Adds consistency
  • Neutral feel
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect 5hr after application (in vivo)
  • Restructuring property: reduction of TEWL (in vitro)


  • Approved by ECOCERT, COSMOS and Natrue
  • This product is covered by a Mass Balance BVC-RSPO-1-1972708497.
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  • Preservative-free, synthesis without solvent
  • Formulas present a consistency more stable under temperature fluctuations than fomulations using standard consistency factors (e.g. fatty alcohol)


All types of products:

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Hygiene
  • Make-Up
  • Sun Care