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Adjuvant technologies for active immunotherapy

MONTANIDE™ ISA 51 VG and MONTANIDE™ISA 720 VG are ready to use oil adjuvants suitable for human injection, that allow the manufacture of water in oil emulsions with an easy process.


Those adjuvants are composed of a mineral or metabolisable oil combined with a surfactant system designed to make a water-in-oil emulsion.

SEPPIC ensures a complete GMP process and manufactures adjuvants under aseptic conditions in a pharmaceutical facility.

MONTANIDE™ ISA 51 VG and MONTANIDE™ISA 720 VG have been used in about 300 clinical trials from phase I to phase III.

MONTANIDE™ ISA 51 VG is in the composition of a therapeutic vaccine approved for the treatment of lung cancer.