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Ready-to-dilute micro-emulsions

MONTANIDE™ IMS is a range of ready-to-dilute adjuvants. Those formulations are a combination of micro-emulsions, for which the size can vary from 10 to 500 nm, and an immunostimulating compound. They can contain a low amount of oil and are commercially available in preserved (PR) or sterilized (ST) grades. This range is suitable for a wide range of antigens (bacterial, viral, parasitic or subunit).


This range is recommended when safety is the main concern (pigs, horses, etc). Those adjuvants can be proposed to induce a rapid immune response with a strong sustainability especially in case of two shots vaccination protocol.

Some references can be recommended for modified live antigens, and for mucosal administration (poultry, fish, etc).

MONTANIDE™ IMS adjuvants (non exhausitive listing)

Products Species Notes
MONTANIDE™ IMS 1313 VG N montanide-aviaire-porc.png Suitable for parenteral and mucosal routes
Available as PR (preserved) and ST (sterilized) grades
MONTANIDE™ IMS 1312 VG montanide-poisson.png Immersion vaccination

Vaccine preparation

MONTANIDE™ IMS has been designed to render stable and fluid vaccines. Vaccine formulations are obtained by an easy dilution of the aqueous medium into MONTANIDE™ IMS, at room temperature or less, under gentle agitation (e.g. marine propeller, magnetic stirrer).

The ratio of use can be adjusted from 15% to 50%, depending on the selected MONTANIDE™ IMS, and on the expected safety and efficacy balance.