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Ready-to-disperse polymeric adjuvants

MONTANIDE™ GEL is a range of ready-to-disperse innovative polymeric adjuvants designed to improve the safety and efficacy of aqueous vaccines. Those adjuvants are based on a dispersion of highly stable gel particles of sodium polyacrylate in water. The depot effect with slow release, due to polymer adsorption properties, improves the recruitment of the innate immune system. It provides a significant enhancement of the immune response with a safety profile equivalent to aliminium salts.


MONTANIDE™ GEL adjuvants are recommended for a wide variety of livestock species and for pets and horses. Those adjuvants can be combined with a wide range of antigenic media and are recommended for inactivated or live vaccines and for parenteral or mucosal administration.

MONTANIDE™ Gel adjuvants (non exhausitive listing)

Products Animal species Notes
MONTANIDE™ Gel 01 montanide-bovin-ovin-porc-aviaire.png For parenteral, mucosal and live vaccination
Available in PR (preserved) grade
MONTANIDE™ Gel 02 montanide-bovin-ovin-porc.png For parenteral vaccination
Available in PR (preserved) grade

Vaccine preparation

These ready-to-use adjuvants are easy to disperse by gentle mixing.

They give fluid and very stable vaccines.