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METOLOSE® SR - Excipient - Hyrdrophilic matrixes


High-viscosity hypromellose for forming hydrophilic matrixes

The METOLOSE® SR range is used in the manufacture of hydrophilic matrixes for the sustained release of active ingredients. The METOLOSE® SR range from SHIN ETSU is compliant with Ph.Eur, JP and USP.

Hydrophilic matrixes

The hydrophilic matrix system is the simplest and cheapest controlled release technology for oral forms.
Comprised of a high-viscosity, water-soluble polymer (HPMC), the products in the METOLOSE® SR range are used in hydrophilic matrixes to control the release of active substances in the body.

The products in the METOLOSE® SR range have many properties:

  • Gradual and controlled release of the active ingredient
  • Control of the dissolution profile by:
    • The percentage of HPMC in tablets
    • Selection of viscosity
    • Tablet size
  • Simple and easy matrix system for designing a formulation
  • Good bioavailability
  • Good compressibility
  • Rapid hydration

The products in the METOLOSE® SR range can be used in direct compression or wet granulation.

Product range

The type of substitution for METOLOSE® SR impacts the product's hydration and the strength of the gel formed.
The greater the viscosity, the stronger the gel and the slower the dissolution.

Type Viscosity (cP) Methoxy (%) Hydroxypropoxy (%) Main application

90 SH-SR
Hypromellose 2208

23 10 Hydrophilic

The products in the METOLOSE® SR range are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices applicable to excipients.

All the regulatory and quality documents required for registration are available on request.



The Japanese company SHIN ETSU is a leader in cellulose chemistry.
SHIN ETSU develops pharmaceutical excipients and particularly cellulosic polymers for a range of applications such as film-coating, compression and matrices.

SEPPIC™ distributes SHIN ETSU products in Western and Southern Europe and several other countries.