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EU07486 - Lemon meringue tart

Lemon meringue tart

nourishing & comforting body care

Simple and minimalist concept: the 2 formulas are overlaid and are identical in term of composition.
  • The 2 phases are GELTRAP™ emulsions (gel-in-oil technology patented by SEPPIC) using EASYNOV™ as emulsifier.  Comfort and emollience with low amount of oil! The GELTRAP™ are produced using a generous shear with a rotor-stator.
  • The key ingredients :
    • SEPIMAX ZEN™ gives an airy texture by stabilizing the air bubbles trapped during the high-shear process. It gives also an elastic texture that stay standing the peaks of the meringue.
    • LANOL™ P, consistency agent, brings density to the GELTRAP™ and it reinforces the powdery finish.