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LA60015A - Jugaad detox cream gel - cold processable

Jugaad detox cream gel - cold processable


A minimalist formula (6 ingredients including 2 actives) for body care with detox properties. A customizable base which offers sensorial benefits and an easy cold-processable formulation.
  • AQUAXYL™ brings long lasting moisturizing and BIOPLASMA™ FA, desert micro-algae, detoxifies the skin.
  • SEPINOV™ EMT 10, a ready-to-use polymer, stabilizes the oily phase and adds a sensorial dimension to the cream gel with a fresh satin skin feel. How practical the multifunctional ingredients can be!
  • A simple process with high energy saving (-97%*) and time saving (-82%*) to formulate a refreshing topquality body care product: the Jugaad Concept of Cosmetic!

* Calculation vs O/W emulsion with MONTANOV™ L, hot process (5Kg)