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SOD B - Antioxydant primaire - Superoxyde dismutase de melon riche en Extramel Dimpless


A powerful antioxidant from melon for a concentrate of youth

SOD B® is a dried melon juice concentrate naturally rich in SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD), obtained from a non-GMO proprietary variety of Cantaloup melon.

SOD B® is the unique source of bioactive melon SOD worldwide. SOD represents 85 to 90% of the total antioxidant capacity of SOD B®. As a concentrate, SOD B® is not pure SOD and also contains secondary antioxidants such as glutathione, carotenoids, co-enzyme Q10 and vitamins C & E.

Unequalled SOD antioxidant capacity

SOD B® has been developed, researched and is manufactured in France by Bionov.

Bionov has confirmed the high SOD activity provided by SOD B® by demonstrating that this active melon concentrate exhibits its highest radical-scavenging activity towards superoxide anions (O2·–).

SOD B® has been demonstrated to be the best source of bioactive SOD: at equivalent concentration, the SOD B® antioxidant capacity is 6,7% and 11,7% more efficient than respectively bovine SOD, and microalgae SOD.

100% bioactive and protected from degradation thanks to a patented microencapsulation technology, SOD B® is scientifically proven to boost the body’s endogenous primary antioxidant defenses. Such a unique mechanism provides antioxidant benefits, which have been highlighted clinically.

Unlike other organisms, plants have multiple SOD forms. Directly obtained from the pulp of the Bionov unique melon variety, SOD B® provides a unique ratio of the 3 different SOD isoforms existing in plants: Fe-SOD, Cu,Zn-SOD and Mn-SOD. Each SOD isoform of SOD B® requires a specific metal enzymatic co-factor, has a different molecular weight, and allows the elimination of superoxide anion (O2·–) at each site of its production, providing a full antioxidant protection. This ratio has been tested in all Bionov mechanistic, animal and clinical studies.


Performance Everyday

Today’s modern lives require optimal mental and physical capacities. According to the World Health Organization, 30% of the global population is subjected to mental and physical disorders, affecting their quality of life. Oxidative stress, favored by low body’s endogenous antioxidant protection, strongly participates in decreasing people’s daily performances. Highest source of natural and bioactive SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD, 14,000 IU/g), SOD B Extramel® is clinically proven to promote a sense of well-being through the maintenance of optimal mental and physical performances. As demonstrated in multiparametric clinical studies, a one-month supplementation with SOD B Extramel® significantly boosts daily performances by improving stress relief, sleep quality, cognitive functions and physical tonus.

Clinically tested

  • Mental Performances
  • Physical Tonus
  • Stress Control
  • Sleep Improvement

Sod B Extramel


Shape Your Body

In a society where appearance plays an increasingly important role, cellulite is a major beauty problem responsible for the development of emotional and psychological imbalance in 80% of women worldwide. Exclusively produced by Bionov, SOD B Dimpless® is a natural source of melon bioactive SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD, 12,000 IU/g) clinically proven to reduce visible cellulite on thighs after 28 days of oral supplementation. SOD B Dimpless® is the only active ingredient with a scientific demonstrated synergistic action against both collagen fibers fibrosis and fat cells hypertrophy, known as the two main causes of cellulite development.

Clinically demonstrated efficacy

SOD B Dimpless® efficacy has been assessed in a double-blind randomized placebo controlled clinical study, performed on 41 women (31-50 years old) under dermatological control.

SOD B Dimpless® induces a significant visual reduction of cellulite on thighs by 9.5% and 11.3% compared to the placebo, respectively after 28 and 56 days of oral supplementation at 40 mg/day (480 IU SOD). This visible improvement was observed in 71% of supplemented women.

Sod B Dimpless


Bionov is the world's largest producer of natural and bioactive SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD) from Cantaloup French melon (cucumis melo L.).

SEPPIC distributes Bionov products in Italy and India.


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